“Search Party” aired its entire 10-episode first season Thanksgiving week, two episodes per night for five nights. Now that it has wrapped, we honestly can’t decide if we want a second season. Read on to find out why, but be warned of spoilers if you haven’t watched the entire season yet.

‘You’re everything we have right now’

When Dory (Alia Shawkat) and Co. finally track down Chantal (Clare McNulty) in Montreal, does it turn out that she was kidnapped? Or is desperately trying to escape an abusive baby daddy? Or that someone has actually killed her?

No. It turns out Chantal just couldn’t even with her life right now, so she needed a break.

It was simultaneously the most maddening and satisfying ending — something we can’t honestly remember another show being able to pull off this well.

Like Dory, we found ourselves so disappointed that Chantal wasn’t embroiled in some dastardly plot. But as viewers watching these characters and their post-college ennui that so many 20-somethings find themselves in, it was exactly the ending we should have been expecting all along.

It was a brilliantly constructed season that ended with a beautifully awful conclusion — and to that end, we both desperately want and don’t want a Season 2.

‘Let’s stay in the present’

As Brick — played by the always amazing Parker Posey — says at one point to Dory, “Let’s stay in the present.” Let’s just savor this incredibly well done half-hour marvel that transcended genre. Let’s not muck it up by trying to out-do or at least match the first season with a second season that will most likely disappoint.

Because doesn’t it feel like a second season couldn’t possibly live up to the first one? How does the show continue without a mystery? Because even though “Search Party” was so much more than a mystery, that was still  of the DNA that made it so compelling.

‘We have crayons, and we’re smart’

On the other hand, should we just trust that the creators are smart people, armed with crayons, who will deftly pull off a second season? Perhaps they have enough to mine from the four main characters covering up Keith’s (Ron Livingston) homicide? But that doesn’t feel like it would be anywhere near the same show.

There has been chatter online about an anthology structure, where it’s all new characters with a new setting and plot. But we’ve grown so attached to not only Dory but Drew (John Reynolds), Elliott (John Early) and Portia (Meredith Hagner) that it would feel weird not to continue with them on their journeys.

We are honestly torn about whether there should be a follow up, which is not a feeling one normally has after watching the first season of a show. Usually you’re either counting down the days until it returns or, more often than not, it wasn’t good enough to even finish out a complete season.

But this conundrum is a compliment to the show and everyone involved — your art was so magnificent that perhaps it should simply stand as is in its perfection, rather than trying to find that same lightning in a bottle.

But make no mistake — if “Search Party” does come back, we’ll be right there with these Brooklynites every step of the way.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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