Rupert Evans in The Man in the High Castle

“The Man in the High Castle” is set in a world in which the Axis powers won World War II, but there is a mysterious titular character and his newsreels of footage where the Allies win World War II that is driving the main characters in their search for the truth. Originally, the man in the high castle was to be revealed fairly early on, but creator Frank Spotnitz tells Zap2it that he decided to hold that reveal for later in the series.

“You won’t meet him in the first season and you won’t find out [about where the film comes from]. There’s clues, definitely. Very strong clues in Season 1, but I don’t answer it in Season 1,” says Spotnitz. “When this was originally written for Syfy as a four-hour miniseries, we met the man in the high castle in episode 4.

“There was a period when I started working on the series when I thought I was still going to do that, but then I realized it was rushing the narrative, so I took him out of Season 1 entirely.”

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Spotnitz does have those answers, he’s just not sharing — and the same thing applies to the world outside the United States.

“As I got deeper into [Season 1], I really do feel I have, and the audience will have, a hunger to see so much more than what we’ve shown in Season 1, which is already massive,” says the executive producer. “This is a bit of a spoiler, but we do briefly get to Europe by the end of Season 1.

“I have spent in the last couple months, in hopes of a Season 2, a lot of time thinking about where the show goes and seeing more of the world than we see in Season 1. I’m not going to reveal it now, but I do have those answers in my head.”

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So how long does Spotnitz see “Man in the High Castle” running, should it be successful? It depends partially on how much weight Amazon wants to throw behind the series.

“When I first started, I thought this is maybe three years, but then as I got deeper and deeper into the show, I thought there’s so much more you could do if you had the resources,” says Spotnitz. “That’s the biggest challenge with the show — Amazon has spent a lot of money on the first season, I have nothing to complain about. But it’s a big show.

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“If you’re going to tell all the stories you could tell, it’s just not cheap. So it’s really about their appetite to pay for the storytelling. But I do think having lived in this world now for quite some time, it could go for quite a while. In my mind, I haven’t defined yet whether that’s three years or five years or longer than that … but it was important for me to know what the ending point was before I started.”

“The Man in the High Castle” is available now on Amazon Prime.

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