Secret Life of the American Teenager cast photo

ABC Family’s teen pregnancy drama “Secret Life of the American Teenager” ended two years ago with a bittersweet send off. Amy (Shailene Woodley) chose New York and school over staying home with her boyfriend Ricky (Darren Kagasoff) and their baby John.

The final scene left Ricky telling baby John that his mom would live happily ever after, and so would they, but what does that mean exactly? MTV News reached out to series creator Brenda Hampton to find out the fates of their favorite characters, and she was willing to oblige.

So how does it end? Basically everyone follows Amy to New York and gets to live their dream lives in the most expensive city in the world, which is basically a miracle for teen parents and high school sweethearts.

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They have a couple years of making the long distance thing work (but Amy comes back for visits and Ricky brings John to the city when he can. She wouldn’t just ditch her kid — this was an ABC Family show after all). Then suddenly Leo (Steve Schirripa) remembers he has connections everywhere Amy and Ricky need for Ricky to make the move across the country. Even Grandpa George (Mark Derwin) gets to come too!

Amy is able to finish school before starting work as a documentary filmmaker while Ricky teams up with Leo to create an upscale fast food restaurant. Amy and Ricky realize they are more in love than ever — after she sleeps with Ben (Ken Baumann) precisely three times to determine they aren’t meant to be — and get married.

That’s not all there is to the happy New York reunion. Grace (Madison Park) ended up in New York too. She’s still in med school at NYU, according to Hampton. Meanwhile, her love triangle counterparts Jack (Greg Finley) and Madison (Renee Olstead) also tie the knot and come east too. Madison hits it big on Broadway while Jack gets a job coaching at St. Francis (that’s the magical work of Leo too).

It’s a fairy tale ending for fans that were wondering what would happen to the teenage soap stars. This should be consolation considering Hampton herself admits that a revival isn’t likely, especially considering that series star Shailene Woodley is currently one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses.

Posted by:Megan Vick