Beloved for their abrasive, brutally-honest personalities and “no hugging, no learning” mindset, the characters on “Seinfeld” often pushed others to their breaking points. Now, a clever fan is using another classic in “Doom” to show us exactly what that would be like.

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A man named Doug Keener has announced on a “Doom” chat board that he spent “over 100 hours” creating an incredibly-detailed replica of the most famous apartment in TV history, right down to the boxes of cereal in the kitchen and Jerry’s Superman poster in his bedroom.

“Fellow fans of Seinfeld and Doom,” he writes. “Join Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine in this neat Doom/Seinfeld crossover! There are many custom textures and sprites to bring you the full experience of being inside Jerry’s Apartment, inside Doom 2! Each sprite has audio clips and death animations! Have fun slaughtering the gang relentlessly in this wad about nothing!”

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Of course, what you’ll notice right away that seems out of place from the 1990-1996 sitcom is the double-barreled shotgun in the bottom center of the screen. As you walk around interacting with the characters, you might hear Kramer or Jerry spout off one of their classic lines — and then, you have the option of blasting them into bloody oblivion. You can even gun down Newman — which makes it likely that Jerry himself would have loved playing this game.

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