The first season of “Serial” might be over, but, as “Saturday Night Live” recently proved, the “Serial” parodies are far from done.

On Saturday (Dec. 20), a ridiculously hilarious, spot-on parody of the popular weekly podcast about the murder of a teenage girl — yes, it does sound a little bad all written out like that — aired on “SNL.” The main difference? In the above video, host Sarah Koenig (played by Cecily Strong) isn’t investigating a murder case — she’s trying to figure out if Kris Kringle (aka Santa Claus) actually exists and, if he does, how exactly he’s able to hit every single house in one night. Oh, and she also wants to talk about that Nisha call.

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Of course, “SNL” is not the first or the last to parody the podcast. Take a look below at some of the more notable parodies and mashups that have been floating around the web since “Serial” hit the airwaves.

1. Funny or Die’s ‘The Final Episode of Serial’

This particular video is more a parody of Koenig than the show itself. Basically, it’s just the host (played by “Trophy Wife” and “SNL” alum Michaela Watkins) freaking out because she has no clue who did it and everyone’s counting on her. Oh, and MailChimp is talked about a lot.

2. ‘Serial’ parody series

Keeping with the same tone of the actual podcast, comedians Paul Laudiero, Will Stephen and Zach Cherry investigate the murder in a series of podcasts where no logical questions are asked and nothing is answered.

3. ‘Serial’/Miley Cyrus mashup

Spoiler: “Serial’s” theme song and Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” mesh perfectly together. The original Funny or Die mashup can be heard here.

4. ‘Cereal’ not ‘Serial’

In this parody, the question isn’t who committed murder — it’s who ate the freakin’ bowl of cereal. Seriously, who did it?

5. A parody of ‘Serial’ fans

The only thing more entertaining than “Serial” are the fans that can’t stop talking about “Serial.” 

Posted by:Casey Rackham