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With Jon Stewart’s last “Daily Show” on the horizon, Zap2it asked his peers to talk about what they’ll miss or share a favorite memory of the longtime host. They touched on everything from Stewart becoming such a part of the zeitgeist to calling him “a national treasure.”

Patrick Stewart, ‘Blunt Talk’

“I arrived in [‘The Daily Show’] green room around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and Jon and the production team were standing around in the green room. And as I came through the door, something fell on the rack of plates and it just sort of fell and smashed on the floor. Jon Stewart said, ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a lot of crockery give an actor an entrance round.’ [laughs] So funny. I would like to channel Jon Stewart [on ‘Blunt Talk’] as he is, as he was, on ‘The Daily Show.’ It’s awesome what he does.”

Jay Duplass, ‘Transparent’

“I’m a huge fan. I’ve been mourning it slowly and carefully. I want to support Comedy Central and I want to support that beautiful show, but it’s not ‘The Daily Show’ without Jon Stewart. Is that mean to say? He’s a national treasure. I have never seen anyone bring so much humor and comfort to a very, very dire situation and to bring together playful rational thought and a rational approach to life in politics. Mainly I just want to know what he’s gonna do next because I’ll follow him wherever he goes.”

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Paul Reiser, ‘Red Oaks’

“He has raised the bar and raised the consciousness and become such a powerful voice with such integrity. It’s easy to go out and take cheap shots and make jokes, but you sense his caring, you sense his searing intelligence and his quest for truth in the best way possible. He’s got unbelievable comic chops and he delivers material that no one else can, but behind it has always been this quest for unearthing hypocrisy and raising flags that need to be raised. I hope that others will step in and fill the void because it is a void for sure.”

Colin Ferguson, ‘Cedar Cove’

“I’m a huge fan of ‘The Daily Show,’ I’m sad that it’s going off the air. But I completely respect that he wants to do something new. I first met Jon — he wouldn’t remember this — but I first met him when he was touring as a stand-up in 1992 and ’93 when I was doing stand-up in Montreal. My fondest memory is of those beginnings. He was always so nice and so political, and it’s good to see that he’s still the same way. You can see it, that’s just who he is. So that’s my fondest memory, is knowing that I met him way back then.”

Richard Kind, ‘Red Oaks’

“I’ve been lucky enough to have been the renter of an apartment and I subleted to Jon Stewart ’cause I’ve known him for years. He stayed at my apartment for a while and we always laugh about it. Jon Stewart has always been a supremely funny, smart professional. That he had such an effect on the zeitgeist, on how to deliver the news and how to teach people to think about the news and what’s going on and have an opinion in much the way I believe the New Yorker in some of their opinions teaches me. Of course Jon Stewart, he gives you an angle in on ways that you would never think to think. And for that, there is such admiration and such respect. That the smarter people of the world are out there and that I know one of them is a thrill.”

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Jeff Garlin, ‘The Goldbergs’

“One thing Jon and I have in common is we take what we do very seriously but we don’t take each other seriously. My appearances on ‘Jon Stewart’ are my favorite television appearances period. We have had a ball doing them. For me, I’m sad for people that he’s not going to be doing it anymore because he’s pretty gosh darn spectacular. He sort of changed the way people look at a lot of different things. But for me, it’s that I won’t be doing them anymore. However, I’ll be having phone conversations with him, I may work on something with him someday, so I have the luxury of knowing I’ll be spending time with him again. But I am sad there’s no more appearances on the show.”

Seth Meyers, ‘Late Night’

“He hosted ‘SNL’ my first season and I was so taken by what a kind and nice person he was. I really just enjoyed it, it was such a highlight for me to get to spend a week with him. In general, I think I’m just gonna miss it just as much as everybody else. I think no one will ever take over the mantle of Jon Stewart.”

Don Johnson, ‘Blood & Oil’

“I was never on ‘The Daily Show’ … and I don’t know why. I may have been asked, but it might have fallen into one of those periods of time where I had chosen not to do anything. I’m a big fan, and it’s going to be a great loss. I’ll tell you something: When I would be in Europe or traveling in a foreign country, I would always look for ‘The Daily Show’ because 1.) it was a little taste of something back home, and 2.) I just love watching Jon Stewart. I’m gonna miss him.”

The final “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” airs Thursday, Aug. 6 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

Additional reporting by Terri Schwartz and Jay Bobbin

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