Zap2it: The role of the edgy, candid Gigi on ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’ seems to suit you ideally. Are you comfortable with it?

Elizabeth Gillies: A lot of times when I’d audition or go out for roles, the note I would always get back was, “Too specific” or “Too strong.” It was a very frustrating thing, so when this came along and seemed to not shy away from the things I like to do … what normally would be a hindrance was very embraced. I could only pray that something like that would happen, so it was cool. And I thank Denis (Leary, the show’s creator, frequent writer and star).

Zap2it: Was Gigi shaped even more around you as the show’s creative forces became more familiar with you?

Elizabeth Gillies: That’s because of how open to collaboration Denis is. I feel like there’s a lot of me infused into this role. A lot of it was already there, which was strange for me to read when I got the scripts — but as he gets to know each of us better, he will infuse little weaknesses or triggers onto the characters. That’s why it comes off pretty real and pretty authentic, and that’s because he does his homework, for sure.

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Zap2it: You also turn up frequently on Lifetime and LMN in repeats of the TV movie ‘Killing Daddy.’ What sort of experience was making that for you?

Elizabeth Gillies: I love corny, over-the-top movies. I’m not saying that one was, but I love a dramatic Lifetime movie … and when that came through, my team was like, “Here.” And I said, “I’m sorry. Is it called ‘Killing Daddy’? And they were like, “Yes.” And I said, “I’m doing it! I don’t even care what it’s about.”

It was so “Mommie Dearest” in a way, I was like, “I need to do it.” I had a really fun time. They would just say, “Bigger! More!” And I’d say, “Absolutely. Here it comes.”


Posted by:Jay Bobbin