justin chatwin showtime 'Shameless': Jimmy/Steve is coming back soon, and it doesn't go well

When fans tuned into the Season 5 premiere of “Shameless,” it was almost perfect. Unfortunately the one thing keeping it from being amazing was the most important piece of the puzzle missing. After being reintroduced in the Season 4 finale, Jimmy/Steve was nowhere to be seen.
At least the show teased his return by having the woman who brought him back becoming a regular where Fiona works. When will Jimmy/Steve return, though? According to star Emmy Rossum and executive producer Nancy Pimental, you won’t have to wait too long. He comes back “about halfway through,” Rossum tells Zap2it at the winter TV press tour.
“It’s going to present a lot of challenges for Fiona,” Pimental says. “It’s going to remind her of the love that they had, but she’s also a different person now. She’s gotta make a choice.”
It will be a difficult thing for Fiona to face, but what about the rest of the Gallaghers? After all, Jimmy/Steve lived with them for quite a while and was part of the family. “You know, the thing is with them, they’re all so spread out — he doesn’t have as much interaction with them this year,” Pimental says.
While it’s sad the rest of the family won’t get to see much Jimmy/Steve in the short term, there’s always next season — as “Shameless” has already been renewed. Now it’s time for fans to sit back and count the seconds until Fiona and her former love are reunited, because it sounds like it’ll be an interesting moment.
— Reporting by Andrea Reiher
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