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Well, “Shameless” is back and for fans of Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey’s (Noel Fisher) romance, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

After the events of the Season 6 finale left the fan-favorite couple split up, the situation has only gotten worse. While Mickey has clearly still not given up on Ian — and there’s still mutual feelings there — there’s going to be prison bars between them for quite a while.

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Fisher has been labeled a special guest star in Season 6 of the series and with Mickey set to spend years in jail, it looks like it may stay that way for the foreseeable future. While Ian was able to at least tell Mickey he’ll wait for him, it’s clear that those words were just meant to be more of a comfort than anything else.

So pour one out for Gallavich — at least for now — because the couple everyone wants so badly to get their happily ever after just doesn’t seem to be going in that direction. At least Kev (Steve Howey) and V (Shanola Hampton) seem stronger than ever. There’s only so much the heart can take.

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Do you think one day Mickey and Ian will find their way back to each other somehow? Sound off in the poll below.

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