zach-mcgowan-shameless-season-3 (2).jpgZap2it: Your character on “Shameless,” the dimwitted Jody, looks like a lot of fun to play. Is he?

Zach McGowan: He is very fun to play. And I know they say that bad guys are really fun to play, and actually they are a lot of fun to play, but a lot of times they can be very one-note. What I love about Jody is … Jody can be convinced of anything, so there’s nothing off the table, and that’s what I think is really fun about it — to play somebody who’s not so sharp.

Zap2it: That has to be challenging, too, no?

Zach McGowan: Yes and no. I think every part presents its own challenges, and I think in all of us there lives the many different characters, and that’s maybe one side of myself, a little bit. I don’t know really how to put it into words, but the truth is I think there is a little Jody in all of us, and I think if we all faced life a little bit more like Jody, we?d be a little happier.

Zap2it: If you weren’t an actor, would you be interested in doing behind-the-scenes work like directing?

Zach McGowan: I’d love it. I think one day that’s something that I’ll definitely go after. Right now, my acting work is keeping me busy enough that it’s not something that I’m actively pursuing. But I do have a couple of projects that I would like to get involved with. You know, I’m many years into the business now, and a lot of actors, they go to the set and go in their trailer, and they’re gone. I like to sit and chat with the guys. I like to watch the directors and see what they’re doing. Directors certainly have the toughest job on set, I would say. They have a lot going on in their minds.

Posted by:George Dickie