WWE threw out a surprise during “Monday Night RAW” and it came in the form of Shane McMahon. The famous son of Vince McMahon left the family business, so to speak, roughly six years ago.

Since leaving the WWE, McMahon has stayed busy by not only serving on the board of directors for the International Sports Management agency, he’s also the CEO of China’s first VOD service, You on Demand.

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Fans probably never expected the return of Shane-O Mac to the ring but in a scene that played out in the most wonderful way, he did just that. Possibly as another jab at Roman Reigns, the McMahon family came together in welcoming Shane back home. Once “Here Comes The Money” was heard booming throughout the stadium, all bets were officially off.

Expressing his gratitude to the adoring crowd, McMahon was officially announced to face Undertaker at “Wrestlemania 32.” Sure, all eyes may be on Triple H and Roman Reigns, but this might be the best “Hell in a Cell” match fans have seen in some time.

“Wrestlemania 32” will take place on Sunday, April 3 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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