shannara chronicles mtv ep 3 Wil reluctantly embraces his destiny on ‘The Shannara Chronicles’

During the two-hour premiere of “The Shannara Chronicles,” we met a headstrong princess, a wily Rover, a stoic Druid, and Wil, the reluctant hero. Burdened with magical elfstones that don’t seem to work and a destiny he never asked for, Wil’s plan seems to be to save Princess Amberle and then bail as soon possible.

That all changes in the third episode of Season One, as Wil takes the first step towards accepting his Shannara heritage and the responsibilities that go with it. Faced with an attack from a vicious Fury, Wil manages to activate his father’s elfstones, blasting the demon with some pretty impressive magic.

If there was any doubt in Wil’s mind that saving the world was his destiny, killing a demon that got the best of his Druid mentor, Allanon, probably put them to rest.

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But is romance brewing between Wil and Amberle? Or should we keep our eye on Eretria?

For now, it looks like the princess will be his partner in crime – if not kissing – since he chooses to return to her side and defend her in front of the Elven Council. “If I had to put my faith in anyone to save the Four Lands, it would be her,” Wil says.

It’s nearly impossible not to swoon at a vote of confidence like that, right?

Let’s just hope Wil’s confidence helps Amberle on her quest inside the magical tree known as the Ellcrys. It’s literally life or death for her during this test to see if she is still worthy of being a Chosen.

Whether or not the princess makes it out alive, what we want to know now is who this Bandon character is, and why he’s having visions of death. Most importantly, will they come true?

“The Shannara Chronicles” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.


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