shark tank season 6 premiere roominate 'Shark Tank' Season 6 premiere: Will Roominate live up to the hype?

“Shark Tank” Season 6 kicked off with even more innovative ideas than ever before, but there was one clear winner of the night. Roominate — a line of toys for little girls that encourage them to build and design was by far the favorite.

Designed by engineers Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, Roominate takes girl toys to the next level. The women who met in the Master’s engineering program at Stanford have created a line of engineering kits which one can build things like water slides and houses with working lamps and elevators.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Mark Cuban thought so too and he wasn’t alone.

The women asked the investors for an investment of $500,000 and offered 5% equity for it. Cuban offered $500,000 for 5% if his daughters can be a part of it. Lori Greiner offered to split with Mark, and have the product on QVC within four months. While the other investors passed on the product.

Roominate has two solid investors on board as well as an innovative idea. Do you think it is enough to withstand the long haul?

Posted by:Sarah Huggins