shark-tank-spinoff-beyond-the-tank-ABC.jpgABC ordered “Shark Tank” spinoff “Beyond the Tank” to series back in October. It is now in production, with ABC president Paul Lee saying he thinks it could easily fit into either the summer or fall lineups.

“We feel very optimistic about [‘Beyond the Tank]’,” says Lee. “We haven’t actually scheduled it yet, but it’s absolutely available for us to do it in the fall, to do it in the summer, there are plenty of places it can go. We’re making it now. I know the showrunner is having a great time with it.”

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But will any of the Sharks from the parent series be involved? “We haven’t announced that yet,” teases Lee. What he will say is that the spinoff is “a very simple idea” that he thinks will resonate with “Shark Tank” fans.

“You watch ‘Shark Tank,’ you can’t wait to see what happens to them and you don’t always get to see it,” says Lee. “It’s going to be stories of people who have been on ‘Shark Tank’ — some of them are emotional, some of them are uplifting, some of them are tragic. It’s going to be great, we’re certainly excited about it. We’re very thoughtful about how we build franchises step by step and we thought it was time now to build another hour of that franchise.”

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