Maintaining “radio silence” for much of this week has not been easy for the talkative, Twitter-friendly Chloe Bennet. But as the actress went off the air for her birthday celebration, the timing couldn’t have been better — because this week’s “Agents of SHIELD” dropped a major bombshell about her character.

Speaking to Zap2it during this self-imposed vow of silence, Chloe didn’t have to keep her lips zipped — and she was eager to finally spill the beans on Daisy’s betrayal.

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“I was reading the script, and it was like ‘Oh fun, Secret Warriors!’ And then I got to the end and I was like, what?” she laughs, explaining how she learned about the episode’s big twist. “You spend so much time as these characters, year after year, you want to believe that everything they do is right. A part of me is Daisy — so when she turned, that was really difficult for me.”

Now might be a good time to stop and consider what Bennet was suddenly going through: For three seasons, 66 episodes and countless hours, Bennet had done everything in her power to portray Daisy as a kind, heroic character eager to support the team — now, she was stabbing them in the back and revealing herself to be a brain-dead killing machine.

Chloe Bennet on "Agents of SHIELD" SOURCE: ABC

“It’s fun as an actress,” she says of the challenge. “But I’m so invested in her as a character, and the rest of the characters, that the lines are blurred. Which I’m not sure is healthy, but whatever.”

According to Bennet, Daisy’s reveal begins a ticking timebomb, set to detonate five episodes from now in the season finale. “It was hard for me to make that switch, to betray Lincoln and then kill Malick in that brutal way,” explains the actress. “It was definitely more difficult for me than I thought it would be.”

Luke Mitchell, Clark Gregg, Juan Pablo Raba, Natalia Cordova-Buckly on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" SOURCE: ABC

So, now that Daisy has used her Inhuman abilities to kill Malick, stolen the orb, trashed the SHIELD air hanger and grabbed some terrigen crystals on her way out the door, where do things go from here?

“You cannot control yourself,” she says of someone caught in Hive’s spell. “Your personality is the same, but your intentions have changed. Because this person is manipulating you. As strongly as normal Daisy would feel about something, you now feel for what Hive wants you to feel. That’s really the only difference — you are you, but you believe something completely different, because you’re under his sway.”

As the behind-the-scenes folks explained it to Bennet, she should essentially play Daisy as if she were a drug addict. “You start making excuses for the character, like: ‘She wouldn’t do that!'” laughs Bennet. “At the end, when I’m taking to Lincoln I’m saying ‘You don’t understand!’ I’m heartbroken that he doesn’t get it. I’m having this euphoric drug pumping through my veins — I’m so happy, I feel really good. It’s like heroin.”

Luke Mitchell SOURCE: ABC

But if you’re a “SHIELD” fan who loves Daisy and you think tonight’s episode was tough, you’d better buckle up. Because much like heroin, Hive’s drug has a brutal downside.

“[Her euphoria] will change, going forward,” Bennet reveals, saying that she’s looking forward to fans seeing what lies ahead. “This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to play as an actress, for sure.”

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