Three episodes into USA’s “Shooter” and one thing’s for sure: Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillipe) is not that great at hiding. Hiding in plain sight may totally be his thing but venturing into public multiple times — while continuing to evade capture — has proven to be a working (and baffling) strategy.

Tuesday’s (Nov. 29) episode, titled “Musa Qala,” found Swagger continuing to dig deeper into the huge government setup which found the Ukranian president murdered and the entire nation on the hunt to put the sniper behind bars — or in the ground.

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But this hunt he’s on puts him in the public eye continuously. First, he’s recognized at a liquor store. Next, he hits up the local market to have a little rendezvous with his wife in the bathroom. Then, he decides to venture off to the veteran’s hospital to call in a favor from an old Marine buddy. But, while it seems like he’s being sloppy — the market visit was a bit amateurish, let’s be real here — it looks like there is a bigger goal here.

Giving his wife the name of Officer Timmons (Jason Gedrick), she plants a further seed of doubt into Agent Memphis’ (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) head regarding Swagger’s guilt. And once she meets Timmons face-to-face, she begins to realize certain pieces to the puzzle don’t add up. But as Memphis begins to dig a bit deeper herself, Timmons is murdered at the hands of Jack Payne (Eddie McClintock). If there’s anyone in this story that needs to be taken care of, it’s this egomaniac.

shooter usa omar epps 103 Shooter: Bob Lee Swagger ghosts Isaac Johnson & the FBI

While Timmons’ death is reported a suicide, Swagger visits Memphis’ home to further present his case. He may not have sold her yet on his story, but for a psychotic killer, he was surprisingly civil in his conversation with the woman.

Hey, remember when we said Swagger was going out in public a lot? (Off-the-grid living is tough, but still… ) Our hero once again heads out into a liquor store, but this time he’s making it a point to get caught. Luring the FBI and Secret Service to his secret cabin in the woods, a brief shoot-out leads to Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) murdering… Someone.

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While on the surface, everyone believes it to be Swagger — that hip replacement he got from the VA hospital served its purpose well — there’s got to be doubt in Johnson’s mind that his former military buddy is dead. It can’t be that easy… And it wasn’t.

Making one more phone call to Agent Memphis, Swagger continued to plead his case. Looking for an ally on the inside may have just paid off. And from here on out, it looks like “Shooter” is going to be the most gun-riddled ghost story ever.

“Shooter” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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