In its second episode, “Shooter” unveils the identities of those behind Bob Lee Swagger’s (Ryan Phillippe) incarceration. Originally, the “assignment” alluded to the U.S. President as being the target. But as Swagger comes to in the hospital — under heavy guard, mind you — he learns the true target of the assassination — the Ukranian president, as he paid America a visit.

Tuesday’s (Nov. 22) episode, titled “Exfil,” didn’t offer Swagger many options for escape. With his family’s safety his utmost concern, the ex-Marine offers Johnson (Omar Epps) a confession to the crime. But Johnson’s boss — hey look, it’s Tom Sizemore! — had other ideas. Instead of keeping Bob in prison, he offered up a bounty for the man’s head.

Obviously, the murder attempt went awry. After all, this is Bob Swagger we’re talking about! As his wife has stated multiple times, he’s a hugely decorated sniper, a family man, and above all else, a man of integrity. And when his deal with Johnson goes south, he used the attempt on his life as his clear-cut path out of prison.

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shooter ryan phillippe 102 Shooter explores the dangers of U.S./Russia relations

We’re not quite sure how Sizemore’s role in the series will affect the overall story, though his character Hugh mentions a relationship with Vladimir Putin — timely! — and yes, the Russians were ultimately the ones behind the assassination that put Swagger in prison. But after a highly publicized accident that took place on set over the summer, it seems the actor’s time on the series was cut short.

Whichever way that detail pans out, we have a feeling that Bob’s main opponent in “Shooter” will be his former Marine buddy, Isaac Johnson. This is Omar Epps, we’re talking about here. He demands your television respect!

Aside from his wife, FBI Agent Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) seems to be the only one else with a shred of doubt about Swagger’s involvement in the shooting. But given how deep the conspiracy seems to lie, she’ll have her own uphill battle as she continues hunting for the truth. If this goes the way of the movie, she’ll soon be supplying the wrongfully accused convict safe haven.

Now that he’s out of jail — that escape seemed a bit too easy, didn’t it? — Bob Lee Swagger is back to doing what he does best: Hunting (His words, not ours!) So… Which unlucky government employee will he go after first?

“Shooter” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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