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When Bart Simpson receives a bloody letter with a dagger stuck into it, he should be scared. But when TV critics get one, it’s time for “Simpsons” fans to get excited.

Bart’s longtime nemesis “Sideshow” Bob sent a hilarious email dispatch to critics nationwide on Monday (Oct. 12), giving a preview of this year’s eagerly-anticipated “Treehouse of Horror XXVI.” And with mini-stories focused on “Godzilla,” “Chronicle” and more, this year’s installment promises to be both creepy and comedic.

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“Dear TV Critic,” reads the missive, written on letterhead that says “From the Desk of Bob Terwilliger.” “First off, let’s be friends. I’ve been trying to kill the Simpsons for 27 years and so have you.”

“But alas and alack, the only murders that ever take place are on the annual Treehouse of Horrors (really can’t they come up with a better title?),” writes the wild-haired onetime Krusty the Clown sidekick. “This year’s pretentiously titled installment with the requisite Roman numerals is no exception.”

It’s clear to fans why Bob is so excited for this year’s Halloween tradition. After decades of ill-fated attempts, he finally gets to kill Bart — but as Bob himself points out in his letter, lots of Springfield residents have been killed on “Treehouse” episodes over the years but always come back, since the specials are considered their own flights of fancy rather than canon.

Those looking forward to the realization of Bob’s longtime personal credo “Die! Bart! Die!” won’t have to wait long — the murder occurs in the first segment entitled “Wanted: Simpsons Dead Then Alive.”

“So, enjoy the mutilations, beheadings and non-stop disembowelments,” Bob says in conclusion. “Then, report it’s A-OK for children.”

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