Nathaniel Buzolic and Krista Allen on 'Significant Mother'

Zap2it: “Significant Mother” is very much a show about relationships, and you’ve done other series in that vein, including “What About Brian” and surely your run on “Days of Our Lives.” Is that an intentional theme in your work?

Krista Allen: I tend to get cast for those kind of shows a lot. I don’t know what that says about me, but it’s fun to play around with that. You play what you know, you know what I mean? I’m experienced in a few relationships, so it’s really fun.

How did the bonding go with Josh Zuckerman, who plays your son in “Significant Mother”?

Krista Allen: From the get-go, it was amazing. We work so well together, we’re really connected. We just honored each other’s space and fell into these roles. It was effortless, honestly, so all the emotions that would come up for these characters – it made it very easy for us.

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Jonathan Silverman, who plays your estranged husband on the show, also directed an episode. How was that experience?

Krista Allen: He was so fantastic! It was a big episode, and he also was wearing his actor’s hat as well as being “Mr. Director” for the week. He made all of us feel like superstars … not just the actors, but the crew as well. He would leave that set, and everybody would have a big smile on their face and feel really great about their work for the day. He was able to bring that out.

He’s so supportive and generous with his suggestions, and open to actors’ suggestions. And even to the camera guys: “Yeah! That’s a great idea. Let’s try that.” It became a wonderful, collaborative effort.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin