In its first two seasons, “Silicon Valley” has made a habit of hilariously dangling success right in front of its tech-savvy main characters, and then constantly pulling it away at the last second. Now, with the first promotional footage of the upcoming Season 3, “Valley” fans will be once again inclined to root for insecure Richard, cocky Erlich, nihilistic Gilfoyle and smart-alecky Dinesh — even though you should all know better.

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The brief clip shows us Richard asserting himself as CEO of Pied Piper, Erlich and the infamous “Big Head” seemingly friends again, and another really, really awkward business meeting as Richard tries to lean across a desk to assert himself but comes up bloody.

Masterfully orchestrated by Mike Judge, “Silicon Valley” will return to HBO on April 24th during a mind-blowing block that will also kick off the new seasons of “Veep” and “Game of Thrones.” So, you might just want to go ahead and hire yourself a babysitter now.

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