Chiller is debuting its first scripted series Friday (March 4) with back-to-back episodes of “Slasher” beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT. And get ready, horror fans, because it is a whole lot of fun.

The show stars Katie McGrath as Sarah Bennett, a girl who returns to idyllic small town Waterbury to live in the house where her parents were viciously slaughtered when she was a baby. Oh yes, she does! And guess what? Grisly murders begin happening again!

On “Slasher,” there truly is something for everyone, so here are 6 reasons to set the DVR or watch online.

Guts & gore galore

It’s really amazing what channels are allowed to show on TV these days. “Slasher” definitely has the bloody violence that horror movie fans love. The opening scene murder of Sarah’s parents sets the table nicely and through two episodes at least, it has not disappointed in this department. The video here is the first four minutes of the show, but be warned — it is not for the faint of heart.

The cast of characters

“Slasher” goes back and forth between cheesy horror movie to laugh at and twisty mystery to become engrossed in. On the cheesy side of things are the cast of stock horror movie characters.

slasher cast steve byers dean mcdermott katie mcgrath brandon jay mclaren Slasher: Guts & gore galore and 5 more reasons to watch Chillers first scripted series

There’s Sarah, the final girl who is the object of a killer’s obsession; there’s Deputy Dewey Riley Deputy Cam Henry (Steve Byers), who kind of goshes his way around town — though, to be fair, in episode 2 he makes a pretty great take-down of a would-be bad guy; there’s the stick-up-her-butt nosy neighbor Verna (Mary Walsh); there’s the killer rotting away in prison who may or may not be involved in the new killings; and, of course, there is the masked villain. This one goes by the moniker The Executioner and he’s taking out sinful people using Biblical punishments.

Best of all — the town sheriff is played by Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott. That’s casting gold right there.

Solid whodunnit and psychological thriller

patrick garrow katie mcgrath slasher1 Slasher: Guts & gore galore and 5 more reasons to watch Chillers first scripted series

On the “good twisty mystery” side of things, not only is there a question of how Sarah’s parents’ killer, Tom Winston (Patrick Garrow), is involved in the new killings from prison, but there’s a woman named Heather Peterson (Erin Karpluk) who has gone off her rocker after the disappearance of her daughter. This somehow ties into the killings, but that is a mystery yet to be solved in the first two episodes. It’s an intriguing plot thread, especially in light of the last couple minutes of episode 2.

Along the same lines, there’s a fun little “Silence of the Lambs” thing going on with Sarah and Winston. She visits him in prison, he’s obviously obsessed with her, he helps her figure out what The Executioner is doing. Quid pro quo, Clarice. Quid pro quo.

It zigs when you think it’s gonna zag

Horror movie tropes are tropes for a reason — they pop up all the time. “Slasher” is certainly full of them. But there are a handful of moments through two episodes when viewers will think one thing is going to happen and what actually happens is something else entirely. It’s refreshing and makes the show more intense, because not every scare is telegraphed five minutes before it happens.

The fake TV show ‘Falcon Husbandry’

slasher falcon husbandry Slasher: Guts & gore galore and 5 more reasons to watch Chillers first scripted series

Sarah’s friends Robin (Christopher Jacot) and Justin (Mark Ghanime) are huge fans of this fake TV show called “Falcon Husbandry.” It makes a small appearance in episode 2 and while it’s not exactly a huge reason to watch “Slasher,” it’s too funny not to mention. The show is some kind of “Real Housewives” soapy drama — it’s unclear if it’s scripted or reality — and the episode titles are priceless: “Taking Flight,” “Lady Talons,” “Un-beak My Heart,” “A Feather in My Captain’s Chair,” “Walking on Eggshells” and “Birds of Prey.”

“Un-beak My Heart,” y’all.

Robin describes the show thusly: “She’s a slut, she’s a bigger slut and that’s her mother, she’s like the queen slut of all sluts.”

“Falcon Husbandry” — coming to NBC fall 2017.

The mystery will wrap up in Season 1

patrick garrow slasher Slasher: Guts & gore galore and 5 more reasons to watch Chillers first scripted series

“Slasher” is designed as an anthology series, like “American Horror Story.” The eight-episode first season will air from March 4 to April 15 and by season’s end, the Executioner will be unmasked. Each season is designed to be a “self-contained hybrid of the slasher sub-genre of horror films and the traditional murder mystery,” which means Season 2 would be an all-new mystery and cast of characters.

This Chiller horror series is not the new “Mad Men,” but it is obviously not trying to be the new “Mad Men,” and it’s a lot of fun for what it is. So check it out for a weekly frightfest, airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Chiller.

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