Chiller premiered its first scripted series, “Slasher,” six weeks ago and Friday (April 15) it came to its bloody conclusion with “Soon Your Own Eyes Will See.” Spoiler alert: The killer is revealed, so stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. If you’ve found this article and want to watch from the beginning, there are several ways to do so online.

Viewers pretty much knew going into the final episode who the Executioner was — none other than Cam Henry (Steve Byers), Sarah’s (Katie McGrath) childhood friend who had always carried a torch for her. His motivations for the killings seem to stem from his feelings for Sarah, including wanting to protect her, and also just his general trait of being unhinged since his teenage years when he killed his own mother (she was totally horrible, though, so no big loss).

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But really the Executioner reveal was secondary to how awesomely dark the show was all along and maintained into the finale. First, Sarah had some rather rough sex with Cam up against her living room wall before she knew he was the killer. That was a bold step for the show to take.

Then watching Sarah slowly stab Cam repeatedly while Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren) held him down — as the police banged on her door, no less — was impressively twisted. The only thing that would have possibly made “Slasher’s” finale really excellent would have been if the sex scene had paid off in the form of Sarah finding out she’s pregnant. But we guess we’ll take the demon spawn in the form of the little girl moving into Sarah’s old house, who welcomes herself to the neighborhood by snapping a stray cat’s neck.

All in all, “Slasher” was a impressive horror fest for Chiller’s first time out. It was announced as an anthology series, so here’s hoping it gets renewed and viewers can dive into a new killer mystery in 2017.

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