christian borle red carpet nc 325 'Smash' Christian Borle: 'My hair is totally different' in Season 2Zap2it: You have done eight shows on Broadway, so how realistic is “Smash” as far as the behind-the-scenes action?

Christian Borle: It is pretty real. The stakes are accurate; the passion everyone has for it is dead-on. And what is exciting about this season, the reboot of it, there is so much more focus on musicals. The details are great. And I was so happy to see in the script something so specific to the gypsy robe ceremony where the person who has been in the ensemble the most times receives the gypsy robe and walks in a counterclockwise circle around the stage. It has patches from every show that season. They are usually big patches like a quilted version of the show poster.

Zap2it: How does the second season feel different?

Christian Borle: My hair is different; let’s start there. My hair is totally different. I think there is still, given the backdrop and the dedication to telling more stories, there is more of an expectation of the inherent drama in the creative process as opposed to, we will show the drama of the inherent process and cut to the domestic drama focus of last season. Being a creature of the theater, there is so much drama in the world we exist in, and I think that is what people want to see. I liked all that stuff. That has been the hardest part of this transition, is missing those sweet people. Like anything, you become a family.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler