If you’re a big fan of ’90s remakes, then you’re going to need to put a note on your calendar to bingewatch “Snatch” when it premieres on Crackle.

While nothing could ever truly match up to the original film, this new series puts a great spin on the heist-gone-wrong story we all know and love. It also has the added bonus of starring two of our favorite actors, Ed Westwick and Rupert Grint. Who doesn’t want to see Chuck Bass and Ron Weasley fight to the death over a stolen fortune?

Screener sat down with Westwick and Grint at the TCA Winter Press Tour to get a few teasers about this upcoming series.

Can you each introduce your characters a little and tell us what to expect?

Grint: Charlie is a strange creature. He comes from an aristocratic family with no money. He has these very strange parents, who have very interesting behavior. All of these characters are kind of running away from something. They’ve had a very difficult home life, and they kind of come together and form their own strong family unit. It’s been fun, because he’s very posh and eccentric — and he’s very proud of his family’s name.

Westwick: I play Santiago Castillo, who is a Cuban born, Miami-raised gangster, who is in London running the night club scene and overseeing the Miami mob’s interests in London. On top of that, he’s a drug-crazed, machine gun-toting maniac as well. When the story starts, he’s in cahoots — sort of in a relationship — with the Lotti character, who’s played by Phoebe [Dynevor], and they’re both kind of using each other to get what they want. Perhaps she’s introduced him to a world, or a city, that he doesn’t really know, and so on and so forth. He kind of gets caught up with [Albie and Charlie] after they pull a little heist on him — and he doesn’t like that, so bad things happen…

How close will this keep to the original ‘Snatch’ movie?

Grint: It’s going to very much have that “Snatch” feel, it’s important that it has that kind of authentic feel to it. But yeah, this is a completely new beast. Alex [De Rakoff] kept loyal to the film, but it’s new characters. It’s a completely different generation.

Rupert, what made you want to take on a producer role in this project?

Grint: It sounded like such a great opportunity, especially with this long format — you can kind of really explore the characters over the ten episodes. It’s really exciting.

And Ed, you’ve said you based Santiago’s accent on Pitbull, right? What made you choose that?

Westwick: Well, I was thinking, “What can I pull off? How can I do this?” And I thought probably the thing that would work was to do someone from Miami… Miami Cuban American, rather than the proper Cuban. I looked around for who I could listen to and reference, and I felt Pitbull was an accent I could hear properly and listen … take the sounds, and create something of my own. So thank you Pitbull, if you’re watching.

I’m sure he’s watching — he’d love ‘Snatch.’

Westwick: He’s probably going to get pissed off that an English kid is playing a Cuban [Laughs]. Hopefully people like it.

ed westwick phoebe dynevor Rupert Grint & Ed Westwick talk Snatchs strong female characters & Pitbull

Since these 10 episodes are all getting released at once, what are your takes on the whole binge-watching culture?

Westwick: I think it’s awesome, definitely. I’ve binge-watched “Narcos” most recently. I think more and more people are enjoying that style of watching stuff.

Grint: I think it’s a really exciting time for TV.

Westwick: And with a show like ours, it’s so fast-paced and everything like that, it’s ideal for that kind of stuff. But also, if you want to press pause and go do something else — put it down and pick it back up — you can. It’s all there.

Did you guys find that being on Crackle allowed you to do more as opposed to network TV?

Grint: I think Crackle is really interesting with their original content. They’re kind of edgy. They’re not afraid of being out there, which has been fun. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Westwick: We push it, definitely.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the character of Lotti in that first episode — what can you guys say about her?

Grint: I think that’s one of the great things about this reimagining of “Snatch.” You get a chance to have a bit more of really strong female characters, which was something that was fairly absent from the original. So yeah, it’s really cool to have that.

Westwick: Yeah, you need that. And what’s interesting is you have these two kind of fiery characters [Sunny and Lotti] together! She’s in the middle, and it’s a wonderful thing to have that strong female presence, who is kind of playing between them both…. Every character is really unique, but ties together in a really interesting way.

If you were going to commit a crime like this and totally get away with it, what would it be?

Westwick: Murder. Yeah, there’s a couple people on my list.

Grint: I don’t know. I don’t think I could do murder.

Westwick: I’m completely joking! A bank robbery sounds good. Something where I didn’t have to hurt anyone — a white collar crime would be all right.

“Snatch” premieres Thursday (March 16) on Crackle.

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