Reese Witherspoon hosts SNL with musical guest Florence Welch and cast member Taran Killam

“Saturday Night Live” is facing more than offended viewers after airing a “Picture Perfect” sketch on Saturday (May 9) night. 
As Vanity Fair reports, writers from the Canadian satire news show “This Hour Is 22 Minutes” are calling out “SNL” for lifting the sketch from an episode of their show that ran in January. 
Both sketches feature a husband on a “Win Lose or Draw”-type game show asked to draw the prophet Muhammed. It is considered blasphemous within the Islamic religion to create any depiction of Muhammed, so both men hesitate to complete the task, even though it means $1 million in prize money. 
Their wives — in “SNL’s” case, Reese Witherspoon — urge the husbands to draw anyway. When the spouses say they can’t, the women guess the prophet Muhammed correctly. 
“This Hour’s” Mark Critch and Bobby Kerr both took to Twitter to express their frustration with the similarities between the sketches. 

The main difference between the sketches is that the husband in the “SNL” version hands off the drawing to his celebrity partner Reginald VelJohnson, played by Keenan Thompson, who also fails to draw the religious figure. 
Both sketches are available for comparison below. 

Posted by:Megan Vick