There's no question that Beyoncé is a superstar. With commercial hits like "Single Ladies" and "Crazy in Love," her accessibility has made her one of the most popular celebrities the world over. When the music video for her new single, "Formation," premiered the day before Super Bowl 50, many were left scratching their heads.

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Conservative personalities, like Rush Limbaugh, made comments calling the singer's new video "representative of the cultural decay and social rot that is befalling our country." Needless to say, White America was beginning to learn not everything is about them.

Cut together as a new horror film from Universal Pictures, the above video perfectly encapsulates a world falling apart around an unsuspecting civilization. Increasingly shocked to find out that "their" celebrities can be black and also women, a crazy mob collects to make a mass exodus out of America.

Sure, the video is pretty hilarious but also reflects a deeper issue in our society. Killer Mike recently spoke about "Formation" on "Real Time with Bill Maher" reiterating the notion that not every song is for white people. The horror.

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