Seth Meyers welcomed “Saturday Night Live” writer/cast member Mike O’Brien to “Late Night” on Monday (Dec. 7) where O’Brien had several anecdotes to tell about unaired “SNL” sketches, starting with a funny story about a Betty White unicorn sketch from when she hosted in 2010.

The idea behind the sketch was that White was a unicorn veterinarian who has to break the news to a birthday party of 12-year-old girls that all the unicorns they just got have to be euthanized because they all have eye infections.

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Meyers says he “laughed so hard” at the sketch when they did the table read and that it’s what might have gotten O’Brien hired for his second year at “SNL” — but it did not go well at dress rehearsal.

“It went the most silent of any sketch ever,” says O’Brien. “And the whole week was kind of awful. Her manager, at one point, was screaming at me. He was like, ‘We want nothing to do with any cruelty to animals.’ And I was like, ‘Well, we’re not going to hurt any real unicorns, and I’ll tell you why …”

In the end, it was cut because literally everything Betty White did absolutely killed during dress rehearsal — “the building was shaking” — but not the unicorn sketch.

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O’Brien also talks about some other sketches he came up with that didn’t make the cut:

“Sex Number”: “This is based on a real thing that happened … the host was hanging out with us and she was like, ‘Hey, everything in the room should go around and say how many people they’ve slept with.’ … and the first girl [whose number was quite a bit higher than anyone else’s] was like, ‘Why’d you start with me?! I wouldn’t have said that, I would have lied!'”

“Clown Meat”: “Clown Meat is that millionaires are starting to take up a new delicacy, which is eating clowns — like birthday clowns and stuff … cougars and stuff are boring, so they eat clowns. The way they hunt them is they drive up to a clown and are like, ‘Hey man, you want an iPad? Get in the car.’ That one didn’t work.”

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