There is a lot of fun to be had with the 2016 Republican National Convention, so naturally “Saturday Night Live” has to get in on the festivities. It sent cast members Colin Jost and Michael Che to cover the RNC Wednesday (July 20), with a special Weekend Update segment from the convention center.

The true highlight is Che’s bit spoofing “Pokemon Go.”

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“I’m here at the Republican National Convention playing America’s hottest new mobile app where you gotta catch the rarest creature of them all — minorities at the RNC. It’s called Trumpemon Go, so as Trump would always say, ‘Let’s round up some brown people,'” says Che, before showing off some excellent graphics work on NBC’s part. Plus, he manages to find and collect some actual minorities!

They also take some shots at Ted Cruz’s masterful trolling of Donald Trump.

“I just don’t understand why Ted Cruz would show up to this convention and not endorse Donald Trump. That’s like giving a desperate toast at your ex’s wedding,” says Che.

And fellow “SNL” cast member Kate McKinnon stops by as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who is both hilarious and creepy.

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“Trump picked a fight with the wrong 15-pound, 200-year-old marionette, baby,” says McKinnon as RBG.

Che and Jost also did some “man on the street” interviews where a lot of people cannot pick Mike Pence, the Indiana governor who is going to be Trump’s running mate, out of a lineup.

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