twitch boss sytycd newscom 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10 finale: Stephen tWitch Boss saved from the Navy by danceStephen Boss, better known as “tWitch” on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” leapt into the annals of men who do magnificent proposals when he asked fellow dancer Allison Holker to marry him.

They were shooting a Microsoft commercial, the one where everyone dances on the table. The two had been talking about getting married and had looked at rings. But tWitch spoke with the director and sneaked Holker’s family onto the set.

Everyone was in on it, except Holker.

“It was one of those moments you have to seize the opportunity by doing something totally drastic,” he tells Zap2it.

He’s no stranger to dramatic moments.

When tWitch initially auditioned for “SYTYCD” on Season 3, he was edged out.

“If I had not made it in Season 4, I was going to go into the Navy,” he says. “Literally the day I came home from Vegas, I said, ‘I will come home, go to the recruitment office and go in.’ I am a bit of an extremist.

“As an artist I was really struggling,” he continues. “I wasn’t a fresh 18 or 19 anymore. As a man, I was craving a bit of stability.”

Dancing is not what anyone would describe as a stable career, but like most dancers, he knew very early on that moving to the music came naturally to him.

“I remember honestly my first time seeing Michael Jackson dance, when I was very, very little,” he says. “And I remember seeing that and imitating that when I was 4, when I found the moonwalk.”

Over the years, tWitch has learned many dance genres while working on the show, which has its season finale Tuesday, Sept. 10. He and Holker are planning a winter wedding.

“We know it will be a spectacle of some sort,” says the man who presented a ring and flowers during a commercial shoot.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler