There’s a time to warm up, a time to stretch … and then a time to sprint.

That moment has arrived in the 2016 Social Media Showdown, as we enter Round 3 with 16 social media athletes (smathletes?) still standing. With 48 names already eliminated, now is the time for fanbases to organize themselves, call in some favors, and stuff that ballot box like it’s a stocking on Christmas Eve.

This was a good week for “Grimm” star Sasha Roiz, who not only celebrated the 100th episode of his NBC drama but — far more importantly — also destroyed Stephen Colbert in Round 2 of the Zap2it Showdown. He’s going to need all the Wesen help he can get, as Roiz moves on.

Speaking of popular, names like Neil Patrick Harris and Adam Levine are certainly no slouches. Keep an eye on Rashida Jones, too, as the “Angie Tribeca” star just barely snuck past Anderson Cooper, but seems to be stealthily rising through the ranks. Big new name to go nuts? Arjun Gupta “sped” by “The Flash’s” Grant Gustin in an all-hands-on-deck sprint at the end.

Dory from “Finding Nemo” might have an issue with short-term memory, but Ellen DeGeneres likely won’t soon forget her domination of fellow talk-show-er Jimmy Kimmel in Round 2. And then we have the powerhouses, with fanbases who are ready to click that button. Sam Heughan, Colin O’Donoghue, Brett Dalton, Jensen Ackles and Emily Bett Rickards fans, you know we’re talking about you.

Vote for all your favorites as many times as you want — and afterwards, why not send your favorite star a tweet to let them know? Zap2it’s Social Media Showdown will be marching along for the rest of March, and even the biggest stars could use your support. Check back often to watch the results, as folks will keep getting eliminated until one is ultimately crowned the 2016 Social Media Showdown winner.

This round is now over! Round 4 starts at 10am ET Wednesday, March 16.




Posted by:Larry Carroll

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