Sofia Vergara on the WHCA red carpet.
Sofia Vergara graces the cover of Vanity Fair’s May issue, and a good portion of what she talks about with the magazine is her breasts.

“The Modern Family” actress, who has garnered much attention thanks to her curves, knows she has big boobs. In fact, she says they’re so large that at one point in her life she had to think outside of the box to find bras that would fit.

“My boobs are, like, huge,” says Vergara. “My whole life, buying a bra was a nightmare. What I used to do when I moved to L.A., I found places like Frederick’s of Hollywood that make bras for [strippers].”

Of course, stripper bras were just an easy fix at the time. Vergara admits that a more permanent solution might make the most sense for her and her breasts.

“Believe me, I wish I had fake boobs,” adds the actress. “I lay down and they completely go down like all the way, like here … it’s not fun.” 
This isn’t the first time the actress lamented having real breasts instead of fake ones. When she spoke with Vogue in 2013, she explained it made finding a dress very hard.

“I mean, a normal girl will just put the dress on and leave. I need them to be like an armory. My dresses are like a work of art inside because, you know, I am 40 years old, I had a baby, and I am a 32F boob. And they are real still,” she said. “When they are fake, you take the bra off and they are still there, perfect! Me — no, so I have to bring them up! I have to build the dresses up to here so that the bras — ach, it’s a whole, der — ugh — tchah!”

You can take a look at Vergara’s glamorous cover photo from the Vanity Fair shoot below.

Posted by:Casey Rackham