It’s Father’s Day and while “Son of Zorn” — the completely bizarre looking live action/animated hybrid comedy coming to FOX — hasn’t premiered yet, it’s never to early to celebrate dads with Zorn (Jason Sudeikis) himself.

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Who is Zorn, you ask? An animated warrior, not unlike He-Man, who returns to the live action world to live with his ex-wife and help raise their son together … to interesting results, as can be seen in the sneak peek below.

But regardless of his parenting methods, it’s Father’s Day and Zorn wants to help you celebrate. That’s why FOX has released a set of “Son of Zorn” Father’s Day cards. If you forgot to pick up something for your dad, they’ve got you covered. Just print out the “Son of Zorn” Father’s Day cards below and you’ll be good to go.

At least, you will be if you and your dad — or whoever you’re celebrating — share the same quirky sense of humor. If you don’t, chances are this will only confuse him more. But maybe that’s exactly what Zorn is hoping for.

“Son of Zorn” premieres on FOX in the fall.







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