How loudly did you scream at the end of the “Arrow” Season 3 fall finale when Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul fought to the death and — spoiler alert! — Ollie lost? Possibly a little louder than the fans included in the above reaction video mashup, since most of them seem to have taken the “silent incredulity” route rather than the “screaming expletives” one.

Warning: There are some f-bombs in the video; probably nothing too much worse than what you screamed at your television but you might want to turn your volume down around sensitive ears anyway.

Stephen Amell tweeted the compilation of “Arrow” fans reacting to his character’s big (possible?) death in the show’s fall finale. “I love it so much,” he writes, after the requisite spoiler warning. (Seriously, if you are still reading and you haven’t watched the episode yet, you are not making good life choices right now.)

In the video, one fan speaks for most “Arrow” fans, quietly saying, “They wouldn’t!”

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Or would they? The introduction of Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul into the “Arrow” universe also leaves the door open to introduce DC Universe phenomena like Lazarus pits, so there’s hope for young Ollie yet.

Either way, Amell is loving the emotional reactions everyone is having to the episode. “It was a good run,” he teased after the episode aired.

Posted by:Jean Bentley