On Saturday (April 9), TBS aired “Conan’s” Korea episode. As one would expect, the hour featured many odd and amazing moments — which can be viewed in full right here.  Bringing along “Walking Dead” star Steven Yeun, the most notable moment has to be their participation in the above video for J.Y. Park’s “Fire.”

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You know you’ve reached a certain celebrity status when you’re co-starring in a K-pop music video. Not only are our heroes dressed in guy-liner and some pretty sweet duds, they are literally spitting fire out of their mouths. Sure, those look like Jim Beam bottles, but in our experience, bourbon never had such heated results.

Also, it’s worth noting that “Fire” is quite the catchy tune. Leave it to Jimin Park to fully introduce the Korean public to Conan’s famous string dance. It’s only a matter of time before the soldiers in the DMZ catch on, right? With such an impeccable taste in sunglasses, this has to be the next logical step.


Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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