E.T. had his Reese’s Pieces, Sloth had his Baby Ruth and even Mac had his McDonald’s. So, it’s only  appropriate that the ’80’s-set Netflix smash “Stranger Things” similarly features a supernatural being with a predilection for junk food.

Now, in the weeks following our introduction to the sweet/psychic/psychotic little girl known as “Eleven,” the Internet has developed an appetite of its own — for Eggo-themed memes featuring Eleven and her beloved breakfast treat.

Be warned: The following images may very well leave you with a smile on your face and a rumble in your tummy.

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Breakfast imitates art

Millie Bobby Brown, the young actress who plays Eleven on “Stranger Things,” is one of the fans embracing the waffling memes. In fact, she has tweeted several herself. Which seems only appropriate, because as one “Game of Thrones” fan nicknamed her: The Mother of Eggos. Lots of fans have been sending her waffle-inspired art work including … Tyler, the Creator?

Where my waffles at?

Moving beyond art, people have even been tagging the actress in tweets when they spot waffles out in the wild. Which also helps the rest of us — because you never know when you’ll next want to locate your next meal.


Tasty day

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Wednesday (August 24) was National Waffle Day, putting Eleven in the thoughts of hungry “Stranger things” fans everywhere. Including, of course, Eggo themselves.

Save her some syrup

Spoiler alert: Things weren’t looking so good for Eleven at the end of Season 1. But since we’re pretty sure “Stranger Things” will be back, here’s hoping that Millie is practicing eating her Eggos every day — and sometime soon, we’ll be breaking bread … er, frozen waffles with her again.

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