“Stranger Things” is Netflix’s hot new supernatural drama, chronicling five kids’ battle with an evil force in their 1983 small Indiana town. The creators have said they do have a second season in mind, telling IGN that if the show is renewed, “it’s not a second season as much as a sequel.”

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With that in mind, Zap2it has three ideas for Season 2 storylines, based on some unanswered questions from the Season 1 finale. Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not watched Season 1 in its entirety.

Hopper and Eleven

david harbour stranger things Stranger Things Season 2? Yes, were already jumping ahead

When the government agents have Chief Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) in custody, Hopper offers a deal to Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine): “You gotta give me your word — nobody’s ever going to find out about this and those other three kids, those boys, you’re going to leave them alone. Then I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you where your little science experiment is.”

Presumably that is not the end of the negotiation, because later Hopper is seen getting into a car with some of the government minions. There’s also the fact that before the talk with Dr. Brenner, a different agent demands to know who Hopper is working with. Now, that could imply that they think Hopper has a few more local allies, like his deputies, but it could also imply there’s some other organization working in opposition to Dr. Brenner and his experiments and they think Hopper is working with them.

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Either way, Season 2 should definitely fill in some gaps as to Hopper’s activities in the Season 1 finale, especially in regards to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). He is seen a month after the events of taking down the monster leaving food in a box in the woods. The presence of Eggo waffles implies it’s for Eleven. So does Hopper know for sure she’s still alive? Is he acting on his own or on behalf of the government program? And where is Eleven hiding out? The real world? The Upside Down? There’s a lot to be mined here next season.

Is Will possessed?

stranger things noah schnapp Stranger Things Season 2? Yes, were already jumping ahead

In the final moments with the Byers family, Will (Noah Schnapp) goes to the bathroom, coughs up a slug and has a brief flash of the Upside Down. Now, he could simply be suffering from some PTSD — who wouldn’t be? But maybe that slug indicates that whatever the monster put into his body in the Upside Down is still inside of him, even after his mom and Hopper pulled that giant snake-slug out of his mouth. Maybe the flash to the Upside Down is the part of Will that’s possessed by the monster, like two competing forces inside of him.

Season 2 could be about a battle for Will’s soul, trying to get the monster out of him. Maybe it mutates and starts running around the real world in a different form than the faceless monster from Season 1. Or maybe Will starts doing horrible things and no one knows it’s him because they don’t know he’s possessed.

What about the other kids?

matthew modine millie bobby brown stranger things Stranger Things Season 2? Yes, were already jumping ahead

The fact that Eleven is named such implies that there were kids 1-10 who came before her. Were they all MK Ultra babies? Were they the other kids shown in the newspaper clipping of Dr. Brenner? What happened to them? Maybe there are some still being held captive, or maybe some escaped. For that matter, we can’t assume 11 is where they stopped. So what about kids 12-20 or whatever? Maybe they’re all just dead in the Upside Down, but that wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?

Looking into the other kids from the program could provide some strong material for Season 2, if Brown’s performance as Eleven is any indication.

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