If you think your job is tough, try saving an entire city on a weekly basis, corralling a team of sexed up doctors or helping a guilty client get away with murder.

There are quite a few TV characters whose jobs are demanding to say the least, so maybe that’s why they’ve turned into such workaholics.

Where most people in the world look forward to their time off and holidays, these 13 TV characters wouldn’t be caught dead taking vacation time instead of clocking in at the office.

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Miranda Bailey — ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Chief of Surgery at the most dramatic hospital in the country isn’t exactly a nine to five kind of job, but Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) takes it a step further. Does this woman ever take a day off?

Harvey Spectre — ‘Suits’

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Harvey (Gabriel Macht) might love to relax and blow off steam, but he loves his job more. Plus, what’s the point in taking a few vacation days if everyone you’d want to see is in the office anyway?

Liv Moore — ‘iZombie’


Liv (Rose McIver) literally can’t live without her job in the morgue since it supplies her with brains to eat, but existentially, she can’t live without being a crime-fighter and a champion of justice.

Phil Coulson — ‘Agents of SHIELD’


We’re not entirely sure what a day off would look like for Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), and we’re not sure we even want to know. The universe would probably chose that day to implode since he wouldn’t be there to save the day.

Erin Lindsay — ‘Chicago PD’

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Lindsay (Sophia Bush) has taken some time for herself and her life lately, which has been as shocking as it is wonderful. Don’t be deceived though, she still a total workaholic underneath it all.

Oliver Queen — ‘Arrow’


Obviously Oliver (Stephen Amell) isn’t married to any CEO or mayoral job he works by day. He’s 100 percent committed to his nighttime profession of swinging from rooftops and catching bad guys.

Annalise Keating — ‘How to Get Away with Murder’


Annalise (Viola Davis) could probably benefit from a sabbatical at this point, but if you’re one of her guilty clients, you’re probably thanking your lucky stars she almost never takes a day off.

Jon Snow — ‘Game of Thrones’

giphy4 13 TV characters who never take the day off

After Jon (Kit Harington) finally quit the Night’s Watch, we were happier than anyone that he’d left that dead-end job behind. Now though, he’s found a new job to obsess over — King of the North.

Lucious Lyon — ‘Empire’

unnamed 2 13 TV characters who never take the day off

When you build your own company from the ground up, we guess it makes sense that you’d make it the center of your life and the lives of your whole family. Still, Lucious (Terrance Howard) should probably retire and hand Empire over to someone else before the stress kills him.

Chloe Decker — ‘Lucifer’

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Wrangling the devil himself while also catching criminals is a full-time job, but Chloe (Lauren German) pulls it off like it’s a piece of cake. When she undoubtedly figures out who Lucifer really is though, we hope she takes a day off to process.

Olivia Pope — ‘Scandal’


If Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) ever takes a day off, nations crumble, scandals leak and Presidents turn into crybabies. We’re more than okay with Olivia’s workaholic status because it keeps the wheels turning in Washington D.C.

Marcel Gerard — ‘The Originals’


Being the supernatural King of New Orleans isn’t a job so much as a lifestyle for Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), and its one he wears with pride. So much pride, in fact, that he pretty much sentenced his best friend to an eternity of misery.

Quinn King — ‘Unreal’


Talk about married to your career. Quinn (Constance Zimmer) has been in a toxic relationship with her reality show ‘Everlasting’ for years, and even though she’s amazing at her job, we still wish she’d take a season off to chill out.

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