patrick j adams red carpet nc 325 'Suits' Patrick J. Adams: Season 2 plays 'into the personal life Mike wants to lead'

Zap2it: Did you do any research into eidetic memory when you got the “Suits” role?
Patrick J. Adams: I was always sort of fascinated by the subject. I had seen a really fascinating “60 Minutes” story on what is called “autobiographical memory,” where they pulled together seven people in the United States. Eidetic or autobiographical memory isn’t savant-like, because there’s no real social problem. People with this kind of memory are able to relate to and interact with people in a completely normal way. I’ve always been fascinated by what the human brain is capable of if one “wire” is moved over a little bit.
Zap2it: Was it easy to get back into character when you and Gabriel Macht started Season 2?
Patrick J. Adams: It was actually kind of off-putting, because we had gone off and done very different things during our hiatus and hadn’t seen much of each other at all. When you spend that much time together for months on end, you don’t need to see each other that much. I think we sent a couple of texts back and forth, so it was strange to get back after almost six months apart and feel as if we’d never gone anywhere.
Zap2it: So what’s up for Mike this season?
Patrick J. Adams: They’re doing some interesting stuff this season where they’re playing into the personal life that Mike wants to lead for himself, and how the secret isn’t just potentially disastrous for him professionally, but also personally as well. I think you’ll like it.
Posted by:John Crook