Harvey and Mike go to court in Suits Season 5

“Suits” Season 5 has returned to vintage form, and as the show ramps up to its summer finale things are only getting better.

From the season premiere where it’s revealed that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is in therapy for his Donna (Sarah Rafferty)-abandonment-inspired panic attacks to Jessica (Gina Torres) going toe-to-toe with Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson), it’s been packed with tension and reminds its audience why it’s one of the most underrated shows on TV.

What exactly is it that’s putting this season in the A-game category? Zap2it counts down the top 5 things “Suits” is doing right in Season 5.

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1. Harvey gets emotional …

A major component of this season is the fact that Harvey is in therapy. More importantly, he’s letting his therapist peel away his narcissist onion layers to figure out what makes him so dysfunctional. Let’s be clear, Harvey is amazing in the court room but his tendency to torpedo personal relationships needs to be addressed and “Suits” is making the smart decision to make him work for the change rather than just snapping him into a romantic relationship that fixes it (because that’s been tried, and it didn’t work. Sorry, Scotty (Abigail Spencer)).

Now fans are getting to see a more personal side of Harvey, and it’s a delicious new layer to the show. For several seasons now Rick Hoffman has been the “Suits” certified scene stealer as Louis Litt, but Macht is locking this season down with his panic attacks and rage freak outs. Bring on the mommy issues!

2. … But he’s still an attack dog at work

In previous attempts to make Harvey “softer,” it also made him a lame duck at the office. This go around he’s compensating letting his therapist see him vulnerable by going on the attack at work — and that’s when Harvey is the best Harvey. The whole point of the show is to see him outsmart smarmy lawyers and pull magic legal coups to save his clients. Knowing that his therapist is a liability puts Harvey on the offensive — like he did with Travis Tanner (Eric Close) and when he got Samuel (JR Bourne) out of prison. It’s the best of both worlds.

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3. Collaborative girl power

“Suits” has always had powerful women to take down the egos of its male lawyers whenever necessary, but Season 5 is building a real camaraderie between Jessica and Rachel (Meghan Markle). After Jessica asked Rachel to help with her speech, the two have started to develop a relationship that could mirror Harvey and Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) which makes you wonder why it took so long for this to happen.

Jessica has spent so long having to watch over the boys that giving her a protege in Rachel allows her to have some fun without letting her guard down. Donna is even warming up to Gretchen (Aloma Wright) — and the two of them could take over all of Pearson Specter Litt if they put their minds to it.

4. A villain you love to hate

In the early seasons the villain was Travis Tanner, and then Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) and now it’s Jack Soloff. The ambitious lawyer from the accounting floor has been gunning for Harvey since the season premiere, but now he’s got Louis and Jessica in his sights too. Even worse, Jessica has figured out he’s colluding with Hardman to get his skeezy ideas.

When you’re dealing with powerful, talented and sometimes a little cocky people like Harvey and Jessica, you need someone that’s really going to challenge them to make things interesting. By going after their money, causing problems with their favorite clients and teaming up with their worst enemy, Soloff has turned himself into an extremely worthy opponent. Fans can only hope the solution doesn’t lead to another name change on the door.

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5. Louis’ dramedy sweet spot

Louis has long been a treasure of “Suits,” whether he’s playing the eccentric lovable sidekick or the rage-inducing hot head who lets his ego get the best of him. It’s usually been one thing or the other depending on the season for Louis, but in Season 5 he’s found a way to make time for both.

First there was the “When Harry Met Sally”-esque restaurant scene where he almost exploded when Donna said she’d organize his Dictaphone, and then there was his fainting over Donna and Rachel agreeing to go mudding — his all-time favorite activity. That all gets mixed in with his need to prove to Harvey they are equals, and his wounded pride causing him to go to Soloff when Harvey rejects him.

Louis’ ego always leads him to sticky situations — it’s what he can be counted on for. It’s great to watch Hoffman act his way out of them, but even better when you get to see Louis in his weird element along the way.

“Suits” Season 5 continues Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

Posted by:Megan Vick