beth stern kitten bowl hallmark channel Super Bowl 2014: Rachael Ray, Regis Philbin get fuzzy on the 'Kitten Bowl'

If you need a cute break from Super Bowl XLVIII — and let’s face it, football players are many things, but adorable is not among them — kittens and puppies are on TV.
In separate specials on Sunday, Feb. 2, Animal Planet celebrates its 10th canine-centric Super Bowl Sunday broadcast with “Puppy Bowl X,” and Hallmark Channel presents its first “Kitten Bowl.”

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“There’s no reason why you can’t switch back and forth,” Beth Stern tells Zap2it, the host of “Hallmark Channel’s Inaugural Kitten Bowl.”
The kittens, all of which have been adopted, have such names as Feline Manning, Tim Teepaw and Jay Catler.
The word was out what a crazy cat woman I am,” says Stern, the spokeswoman for North Shore Animal League America. “We were in the middle of fostering the kittens I pulled from death row. I brought them back to my house.” Applications poured into the radio show hosted by her husband, Howard Stern, and she found homes for the strays.

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During the show, “I fool around on the field with the kittens,” Stern says. “I was rolling around the floor, [and the kittens were] climbing on my back and nestling in my hair. Handing it over to John Sterling, the Yankees guy, and he did the play-by-plays. 
“Several animal-loving celebs, including Rachael Ray and Regis Philbin, stop by. Just watching kittens play for three hours, that would keep me enthralled for sure,” Stern says. “There are actual games going on — tabby cats versus the black cats, the orange kittens versus the gray kittens — and the winner of those two games competed in the championship game, and the points were adorable, points for climbing on the goal post, electronic mice were going around, laser point. It was the silliest, cutest point system you ever saw, and there were extra points for cuteness.”
“The beauty is watching these adorable kittens frolic and play,” Stern says. “I could not get enough of it, and I think people are going to melt when they see what is going on.”
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