Since conceding his run for office, Gov. Chris Christie has not only come out in support of Donald Trump, he has joined the campaign. Appearing at Trump's press conference after big gains on Super Tuesday (March 1), Christie took the stage to introduce the Republican frontrunner.

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Presenting himself in a more reserved demeanor than audiences have seen during debate season, Christie refers to Trump as both a "tough" and "bold" leader who is guiding a new "movement" to unite the country.

Going so far as to call Trump the "finest man who has ever answered the call to public service," Donald soon took the stage. Taking his spot behind the man, Christie proceeded to stand behind Trump and literally stare at the back of the candidate's head for the duration of the Q&A session.

Was he completely invested in Trump's words? Maybe, he was second guessing his current life choices? No one can read minds, but thanks to social media, we have a number of great suggestions to choose from.

Vice President Chris Christie, here we come!

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