“Supergirl” isn’t mincing words when it comes to incorporating real world social issues into its narrative. In two seasons, it has touched on things like immigration, prejudice and a female president. Now, it looks like an LBGTQ relationship might be on the horizon for a major character — and we’re totally on board!

The show recently introduced Detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima), who on top of being a competent law enforcement officer and alien informant, also happens to be the show’s first lesbian character.

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So far, we’ve seen her navigate a working relationship with Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) sister Alex (Chyler Leigh), which has turned from tense to grudgingly respectful to almost friendly. Now, “Supergirl’s” latest sneak peek has us wondering if that relationship might be headed towards romance.

While investigating National City’s latest alien-related case, Kara is pretty quick to realize that Alex and Maggie work together like a well-oiled machine. They even finish each other’s sentences. It’s hard to say whether Kara will feel jealous of Alex’s newest partner in crime, or if she’ll try to prod any possible romantic secrets out of her sister, but so far, this storyline seems to be heading in a promising direction.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti has all but promised that Alex and Maggie’s chemistry won’t go to waste. “If people suspected chemistry, they’ve got good instincts,” Berlanti told Entertainment Weekly. “I love that people are already really invested in their dynamic. If they are, they’ll hopefully continue to be really pleased.”

Alex’s sexuality has never been definitively declared in the show, though her only romantic interests so far have been men. Who could forget her combative flirtation with Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) or her teasing remarks to Kara about how good Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) smells?

Still, that’s no reason why she can’t explore a relationship with Maggie, especially given that other CW shows like “Arrow” and “The 100” have made strides in introducing bisexual characters.

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The best thing “Supergirl” can do with this possible LGBTQ relationship is to approach it in the same head-on and respectful manner it has taken with other sensitive issues. Revealing that Alex is bisexual in a nonchalant manner — similar to “The 100” revelation that its main character, Clarke (Eliza Taylor), was also into girls with a matter-of-fact kiss — would be a powerful statement about LGBTQ inclusion in television narratives.

Normalizing LGBTQ characters and incorporating non-straight sexualities into the narrative in meaningful ways is an important step in ensuring the LGBTQ community gets the representation it deserves on TV.

We’re confident that if and when “Supergirl” attempts to tackle this particular storyline, the show will do so with grace and dignity.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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