Nothing says welcome like a sphere of fear and a giant, killer Gorilla on the CW!

Remember that mysterious meet-up between all our favorite superheroes back in August? Well, we finally know what they were all up to: fight club!

“Supergirl” is headed to The CW this fall, and “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Legends of Tomorrow” are eager to initiate her into their favorite team-up pastime with some deadly training sequences.

Honestly, we love this little montage more than words.

From Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) excitement to Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) “Welcome to the Jungle” karaoke session, this star-studded death match is everything we want from the upcoming four part crossover between the shows. The full version can be found on The CW app, and it’s definitely worth watching.

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The question still left unanswered is what were the “Supernatural” brothers doing on “The Flash” set around the same time?

Jensen Ackles posted a video of himself and Jared Padalecki chilling out in some dapper suits at Star Labs one day after Stephen Amell teased what we now know is this fight club video.

Honestly, we half expected the Winchesters to randomly show up to fight drones with Oliver Queen and the gang.

We’re open to theories about what brings all these CW studs together, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

“Supergirl” premieres Monday (Oct. 10) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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