Ever since his debut on “Supergirl,” we’ve been head over heels for Mon-El (Chris Wood) and his oddball ways. Watching him acclimate to earth, make new friends, and fall a little in love with Kara (Melissa Benoist) has been an awesome journey to watch this character take, and all we want is more, more, more!

…Unfortunately, Mon-El might not be as whimsical and innocent as we first believed.

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Whoever these aliens are that are searching for him, they’re giving off a pretty creepy vibe. We’re totally putting them in the “BEWARE! DO NOT APPROACH!” category, that’s for sure.

It’s hard not to be concerned with the bits and clues we’ve been getting about Mon-El lately: How do the aliens on that slaver planet know who he is? And why do they apparently have orders not to harm him? Most ominously, what was with that look he gave them before escaping? Was he confused, or did he know the whole time they wouldn’t actually hurt him? Could our hunky new hero be a villain in disguise?

We’re hoping against hope that he’s not. Especially now that he’s decided he wants to give the hero gig a try!

As of now, we’re still playing with the theory that he’s secretly the Prince of Daxam. Did you see that way the Dominator bowed to him? Super suspicious. His story about being a guard just doesn’t add up — and Daxam doesn’t exactly have the most pristine reputation in the galaxy, according to Kara. Who’s to say he didn’t make some seriously questionable allies, if he was a leader of his former planet?

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Our biggest reason for not wanting to believe the worst of Mon-El — that he’s simply evil — is that it’s a bit of a repetitive storyline. “Supergirl’s” sister show “The Flash” has been guilty time and time again of introducing new, fun characters only to reveal later in the season that they’re actually villains, lying in wait to trick the team this whole time. Even “Arrow” has pulled that move a time or two.

“Supergirl” might be making its home on The CW lately, but they’re still trying their best to establish the show as a fun, new and totally unique part of the overall superhero lineup. We’d hate to see it borrow from an already well-thumbed page from “The Flash’s” playbook during its first season on the same network.

If Mon-El does turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, we just hope it doesn’t mean we have to lose him to villain-death-syndrome — you know, the way villains typically fall off a cliff or die in a massive explosion just as the season is wrapping up? For all that we’d hate to find out he’s not the good guy we think he is, it would be more interesting to have him stick around (as an antagonist or a flawed man trying to be better) in Season 3.

In the meantime, we’ll reassure ourselves by watching some of Mon-El’s greatest hits. No one who eats pancakes this cute could be evil, right?

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“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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