If you couldn't tell from the bar crawl, red vines and copy room make out session, "Supergirl's" Mon-El (Chris Wood) is really just out to have a good time.

Now that he's more acclimated to Earth, the terrified, aggressive alien who trashed the DEO is gone, replaced by a fun-loving, super-powered frat boy. His time at CatCo didn't exactly work out in his favor though, so sooner or later this guy is going to have to put away the antics and find a real job.

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"I think Mon El's first sort of thing he wants to do is find a job that makes him excited," Chris Wood says. "I don't know if he has it in him to seek something that involves working very hard because he likes fun and partying. So he has to find something that fits in that little niche. And Kara also has to approve obviously, so there's a bit of an exploration going on for him after that."

While Kara is obviously not thrilled at the prospect of mentoring someone so completely different from her, we think Wood's free-spirited recklessness is the perfect change of pace from the typically tragic, brooding superhero.

"Supergirl" has always preferred to keep things light and happy as opposed to dark and tortured, which differentiates it from darker shows like "Arrow" and even "The Flash" to some extent. Introducing another dorky superhero or brooding dudebro would not have been our first choice for, which is why we're delightfully surprised (and pleased) with Mon-El fratty behavior.

Daxamites just want to have fun, especially when they're as hunky as Mon-El.

Those of you hoping to see Mon-El (or Mike, as the humans know him) settle into an epic romance, however, might be in for a bit of a wait.

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"From what we've seen, he just likes fun and he likes going out and making out and hooking up and just being a dude," Wood explains. "I think [a relationship] is not really something he's had in his life ... He's never had to think about settling down or picking one girl to focus on. I don't think he's open to it because of that. He's never met somebody that wowed him like that, so it'll take a second to wrangle and get him to calm down."

We've been getting a distinctly mentor-mentee vibe from Kara and Mon-El lately, which tempers any suspicions that those two could be headed in a romantic direction. And now that we've heard from Mon-El himself that a committed relationship is not exactly at the top of his to-do list, we're willing to bet that Kara won't be swooning in her new friend's presence any time soon.

It seems like everyone on "Supergirl" is just single and ready to mingle, which actually pretty darn refreshing.

"Supergirl" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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