Amidst all the alien-fighting, world-jumping, butt-kicking adventures Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) has, it's hard to imagine her having the time for a love life -- but have one she does.

After Kara and Mon-El (Chris Wood) shared a super sweet smooch in "Supergirl's" midseason finale (and then promptly decided to pretend it never happened), we've been wondering if this romance between them will fizzle out or last longer than anyone ever expected.

Kara intentionally ended any chance of getting together with James (Mehcad Brooks) in the Season 2 premiere, which led us all to believe the freshman season of "Supergirl" on The CW would deviate away from romance and focus more on Kara's journey of self-discovery. The show has certainly done that, making her an advocate of alien rights and an eager new journalist. However, she's still developed a close relationship with Daxamite and fellow interplanetary refugee, Mon-El. Their insane chemistry pretty much took over from there.

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Now all that's left to figure out is if this a Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) situation -- where an unexpected relationship ended up becoming a focal point for the "Arrow" series as a whole -- or a brief romance that will burn out by the end of the season?

If forced to choose, we'd probably prefer a short fling over an epic romance.

Kara is usually such a buttoned-up perfectionist that a no-strings-attached relationship would seem a little out of character -- but that's kind of what we dig about it.

Part of her journey of self-discovery could (and probably should) be about letting loose and having fun without anyone turning into a stage-five clinger. Her relationship with James was always so do-or-die; it might be nice to see what casual Kara looks like. Casual relationships pretty much never work out, but Mon-El seems the type to roll with the punches, and if anyone in this couple is going to accidentally fall in love and start writing bad poetry, it's probably him. So far, Kara seems very unsure about the entire thing.

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Door number three would be Kara choosing not to pursue a romance at all -- which is still a totally viable option -- and letting Mon-El down gently (after he cops to totally remembering that kiss, of course). Focusing on herself might genuinely mean avoiding all romantic attachments, and it's a mature decision we'd totally endorse.

All of this speculation could be a moot point, if Mon-El ends up a secret villain, though. We love how he's managed to adapt to Earth and become part of Kara's cute little found family in National City, but we're still watching him closely for any signs of deception. "The Flash" and "Arrow" have burned us one too many times with foes posing as friends for us to ever truly trust Mon-El, until he proves himself.

In the meantime, we'll just watch that kiss scene a couple thousand times until the show comes back from hiatus.

"Supergirl" returns in January of 2017.

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