All hail Prince Mon-El (Chris Wood), the biggest liar in the known universe.

Loving Mon-El is a tough game lately. You just kind of want to smoosh his cheeks when he’s being a cute and loving boyfriend or learning how to eat pancakes, but then you find out that he’s the prince of a planet who considers slavery a “liberating” experience. Not cool, bro.

When Mon-El’s parents arrive on Earth — taking the shape of Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo — they pretty quickly outed Mon-El’s secret, which puts his loyalty into question. Is he the aspiring hero Kara believed him to be, or the spoiled prince bound to inherit his parents mistakes?

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Along the way we also got the real story about Mon-El’s escape from Daxam. His noble prince didn’t help a lowly guard escape unscathed. It was his guard that murdered a Kryptonian to steal his pod and help Mon-El escape. None of these crimes can be laid directly at Mon-El’s feet, but it still feels wrong to call him blameless. He benefited from a system built to help him thrive, while crushing others along the way. Feeling guilty about it isn’t enough — we need to see Mon-El make some drastic changes to earn the respect he’s lost from Kara and the rest of the team.

We don’t think returning to Daxam to rebuild the empire his parents lost is exactly the kind of change that’s in order though.

The first step was definitely standing up to his parents about his former treatment of his own citizens. Kara’s good influence is rubbing off, and we’re confident that staying by her side and helping in her mission to stop Cadmus and save National City — even if she doesn’t want to be with him anymore — is the right move.

Still, we can’t shake the feeling that something bigger and badder is happening on Daxam and his parents aren’t done with him yet.

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In a nice twist, Music Meister (Darren Criss) decided to turn up at the end of the hour to whammy Kara and then portal jump to another dimension. “The Flash’s” dimension (a.k.a Earth 1), specifically.

“Supergirl” fans — and Karamel fans in particular — should be sure to tune in to Tuesday’s (March 21) episode of “The Flash” for the musical crossover event. It’s not only a barrel of laughs, it also has important developments regarding Kara and Mon-El’s relationship woes.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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