From the moment he first appeared in “Supergirl’s” pilot episode, we’ve been head over hills in love with Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and his nerd-tastic, boyish charm. It’s rare to see a TV character who’s just as big a superhero fan as the audience, but Winn somehow approached each new mission with giggly enthusiasm and gusto.

All that enthusiasm’s been limited to DEO headquarters up to now — Winn is a strictly “behind the keyboard” kind of sidekick.

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The newest promo for “Supergirl’s” return in January has us wondering if Winn might just find himself out in the field soon. Winn and Alex’s (Chyler Leigh) clipped conversation can be heard over the opening shots of the trailer, discussing Winn’s fear of being out in the field. Alex bluntly (yet encouragingly) tells him to “suit up.”

We can’t imagine Winn will actually be doing much crime fighting, especially not in his own super suit — since James (Mehcad Brooks) has only barely begun his own origin story as Guardian. It would seem a little excessive for Winn to follow down that path so soon. Plus, we love Winn — but he’s a little too clumsy and scrawny to believably kick any bad guy butt.

So what brings him out to the field, and more importantly, what has him so scared?

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One of the final shots from the midseason finale previewed a new alien villain voyaging through space to find Mon-El (Chris Wood) — and we’re about 99 percent sure these guys are not on a rescue mission. We’ve also seen Kara (Melissa Benoist) stepping through what could be a portal onto a planet with a red sun. Red sun means no superpowers, which means a very vulnerable Supergirl.

Could Winn’s reluctant foray into the field have something to do with rescuing Kara from these latest foes?

Whatever the reason, we sincerely hope Winn spends most of his time holed up in the safety of the DEO. Not that we wouldn’t love to see him battling it out in space, it’s just that Winn is always at his best (read: funniest) when he’s the eyes and ears behind the mission. Plus, we kind of want him in the safest place possible — you never know when one of these superhero shows is going to decide to kill off a major character, especially somebody we love, for max angst…

“Supergirl” returns Jan. 23, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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