Even on “Supernatural,” death can be finite. For Bobby Singer, it looks like his resurrection counter has hit zero.

Sorry, idjits; it doesn’t look like Sam and Dean’s (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles) mentor will inveigle his way into season 12. For the first time since his devastating demise at the hands of the Leviathans, Jim Beaver’s character might have the chance to lend his adoptive sons the wisdom they need:

We’ve got that same sick feeling.

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After taking a bullet to the brain in Season 7’s “Death Door,” the seasoned hunter doubled down on his paternal instincts, slipping into the life of a ghost in order to look out for the Winchester boys. Although it wasn’t long before Bobby resigned himself to his ultimate fate, he’s taken a whistle-stop tour through the “Supernatural” universe every year since. But with only three months left to go in production for Season 12, Beaver isn’t optimistic.

It’s too bad, really. An upcoming “Memento”-esque episode would provide the perfect set up for a Bobby/Dean flashback. Just like last year’s “Safe House,” episode 11 wouldn’t require our heroes to brave the dangers of Heaven or Hell. Bobby could exist just as we remember him, weathered baseball cap and all.

It seems Mary’s unprecedented resurrection is all the salubrious magic Season 12 can handle. Supernatural holds hard and fast to the truism that death isn’t the end — but the series’ creative minds are judicious in doling out second (third, fourth, and fifth) chances when it’s for non-supernatural entities that don’t bear the names Sam and Dean. But can you imagine the joy of seeing Mary and Bobby interact?

Bobby certainly isn’t the only member of the deceased whom fans would love to see backing Mary up in a fight. Sam and Dean’s father also tops that list. Matthew Cohen does a fantastic job of weaving the Winchester patriarch into flashbacks, but, due to Morgan’s busy filming schedule, 2006-era John has yet to return…

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Though perhaps that’s for the best. As much as we’d love to see John Winchester slip through the veil (particularly now that Mary’s back on the scene), his story is essentially over. Finding the Yellow-Eyed Demon was the thrust of his journey, a quest for revenge that fundamentally altered his perception of the world. And what would Mary think of the hunter he became? Smith’s character is having enough trouble reconciling young Sam and Dean with the men they’ve become; it would be a shame if John’s own sturm und drang tarnished her memories of him, too.

For now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Beaver’s agent gets the call we’ve all been waiting for.

“Supernatural” returns to the CW on Jan. 26.

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