We finally got the “Walking Dead” crossover we were waiting for… Kinda. Almost? Well, not really. Apparently Jeffrey Dean Morgan was busy — but Negan’s Lucille was happy to step in as a pinch hitter, guest-starring as Dad’s favorite weapon. Suh-wing batter batter!

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“Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” (Mar. 9) also taught us that apparently Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) isn’t a huge fan of attachment parenting. It took all of a nanosecond for him to forgive Dean and Sam (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) for sending his son Gavin off to his death… And then just like that, he was helping the Winchesters track down (and put down) a rogue hellhound named Ramsey.

To be fair, in classic Crowley fashion, there is something in it for him — Ramsey is Lucifer’s favorite pooch. But not much else happens here, beyond establishing that Crowley still pines for the days when he and Dean were besties. To be fair, it’s moderately adorable how these two can’t seem to let each other go.

mark sheppard crowley dean completes me gif Castiels going nuts & Crowley gets the upper hand: Supernatural heads toward war

In other Hell news, Crowley continued to mark his territory while gloating about having Lucifer on a short leash. What with a few of Crowley’s minions more than eager to spring Lucifer from captivity (they’re convinced Lucy, not Crowley, is the one to “make hell great again”), and Lucifer’s admonishments to Crowley about pride, we were just waiting for the “cometh before a fall” part to manifest…

But for once, Lucifer’s bark was actually worse than his bite. He hadn’t counted on Crowley tailoring that Mark Pellegrino suit with some customized accents — like the runes binding Lucifer within this particular mortal coil, much like his cage once did.

mark pellegrino lucifer mark sheppard crowley supernatural Castiels going nuts & Crowley gets the upper hand: Supernatural heads toward war

Well played, Crowley. Even though of course we know that where there’s a will, there’s a way… And Lucifer’s never been short on will. Maybe there’s not an app for that — but surely some artifact is laying around that will do the job?

dean crowley blooper gif Castiels going nuts & Crowley gets the upper hand: Supernatural heads toward war

And as for the “Heaven” part of the title… We’re used to these characters committing emotional adultery behind each other’s backs, after twelve seasons of it. But Castiel (Misha Collins)?

Yes, he’s been understandably melancholy about his banishment from Heaven, but we’re still a little freaked out by how fast he jumps on the offer to murder his way back through those Pearly Gates. According to a middleman angel named Kelvin (Nathan Mithcell), all Cas has to do is help kill Heaven’s Most Wanted — Kelly Klein () and child — and then angelic head honcho Joshua will revoke the travel ban that’s kept Cas at bay.

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We’re all well aware (Cas included) that this isn’t just any “and child,” but rather one of the Antichrist variety. And stopping the next apocalypse, yet again, once more with feeling, is something that Sam and Dean wouldn’t be able to hold against Cas forever. It’s a rare grudge any of these boys manage to hang onto…

jared padalecki misha collins sam winchester crowley supernatural Castiels going nuts & Crowley gets the upper hand: Supernatural heads toward war

It seems nobody on this show can stay mad at each other for long– not even Dean when he finds out that Sam’s been “finding” their cases via the British Men of Letters’ text alerts.

Just about everyone’s been in a surprisingly “hug it out” mood lately. We love that they love each other and all, but the show’s a lot more fun when there’s some real tension — and this week, that comes down to Crowley essentially smacking Lucifer with a rolled-up newspaper. When even Lucifer is more subdued than usual, we can only assume this was the calm before one helluva storm…

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